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Music Composition for Video Games Soundtracks & Film Scores

Regardless of your project, if you are searching for original composed music, you're in the right place. Stir your viewer's emotions in to the right direction! Amplify your images with an epic high-quality sound! Let us know what your project's about, and we'll take care of the rest! Do you want to amplify each emotion from every movie scene? We could work the Film Scores in such a way, so that every gesture made by an actor would be intensely expressed to the viewer. Every careful produced scene will get its proper musical ambiance. Do you need a soundtrack for your awesome video game? You have already invested a lot of time, skills and money in developing a great product and the Game play and Graphics are amazing. We can help you enhance your game further with the right music.

  • Original composed music
  • Musical arrangement, pre-production and production material
  • Full orchestra, synths or other instruments and sound effects
  • Demos, proofs of concept and not endless iterations
  • Producing

    We won't limit producing, writing, arranging and recording songs to a specific genre or niche. We are open-minded and excited for what the future might bring. Music is constantly evolving since ever. Such evolution would not have been possible without new ideas brought to the table. Let's work together on a great idea or give yours the proper polish that it deserves.

  • One music producer to work with
  • Feedback and new ideas for your song
  • Musical arrangement
  • All final audio files
  • Mixing

    Mixing is so different from one song to another. Yet mixing ideas and approaches can be intertwined. We want to offer you our vision by mixing your recordings. Let us help you get the desired quality and clarity that your Song deserves. We can balance your recordings and prepare them for mastering while closely working with you to make sure your sound goes unaffected. Get your Mix right now!

  • A music mixer just for you
  • Your mixed song in a single high quality audio file
  • Full dedication and detail orientation
  • First mix, second mix... fifth mix... you know the drill
  • Mastering

    You have a mixed project, but it's just not there in the line with your favorite song? Mastering is just but another essential step that needs to be done before releasing your music to the world. We want to master your mix by enhancing it even further. Let us help you bring your work to the public in the right digital formats and sound. Get your song ready for publishing now!

  • The mastered song or songs in a single stereo stem
  • Exporting the mastering in the specific digital file format or formats required for publishing
  • ... master test, master final ready, master final, master final fix ...
  • Cinematic Gothic Thriller

    Cinematic Gothic Thriller


    A 20 Minutes Soundtrack composed in a Gothic style, properly fitting a Thriller Film or a Video Game with a similar ambiance.


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    My name is Andrei Grigore. Music is my passion... for a lifetime. I am always truly dedicated to my work and I am always looking to exceed my talents. I treat everything with care, seriousness and I trust that I am a fun person to work with.

    Composing music seems natural to me. I find the Movie and Video Games music industry the most complex, beautiful and challenging of all. Being also a Metal-head it was nearly impossible not to combine the two, therefore adding the Symphonic Metal genre to my top 3 interests in the music industry.

    andG Music was born from my desire to officially act as a music composer and producer. Through andG Music I am able to share my music with the world. I can only hope, that you will accompany me throughout this journey and I am lucky to have you as a visitor.

    I look forward to working with you!